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Kyle Steines

Kyle began his dance career in September of 2011 when he was accepted to the Rochester City School of the Arts as a dance major. In N November of 2011 he auditioned for his first video and was selected for Sweet House Video for Michele Obama's health eating campaign. Kyle attended Garth Fagan Summer of Movement program in July 2012, he was the asked  to join Garth Fagan's Children's Ensemble and performed with them for three years. After his freshman year at the School of the Arts Dance Concert he began his competitive dance education. He performed in, choreographed and taught numerous winning routines. Kyle was selected by Ken Riemer Photography twice todo photo shoots of dance movement to be featured in many art studios. He was also selected to participate in the New York Summer School of the Arts (NYSSA) in the summer of 2016. Additionally Kyle was an assistant for Joe Berry and joined his studio, The Company Project, to teach and compete. Kyle is excited to teach at Idols Dance Company and share his passion with the dancers.

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