We offer a 10-month program, from September through June. Offering summer classes, specialty classes as well as Master classes.

Dancer pricing is based on the total number of class hours each week. Classes run from September till June and tuition is not pro-rated. Pricing plan applies to group, choreography, and technique classes only. Solos, duets, and trios are priced separately. Tuition is the same monthly.

                Total Weekly Class Hours            Total Monthly Tuition

30-60 minutes                                                    $60.00  

1 hour 15 minutes                                              $70.00        

1 hour 30 minutes                                              $80.00  

1 hour 45 minutes                                              $90.00

2 hours                                                             $100.00 

2 hours 15 minutes                                           $110.00 

2 hours 30 minutes                                           $120.00 

2 hours 45 minutes                                           $130.00

3 hour                                                              $140.00 

3 hours 15 minutes                                           $145.00

3 hours 30 minutes                                           $150.00 

3 hours 45 minutes                                           $155.00

4 hours                                                            $160.00 

4 hours 15 minutes                                           $165.00

4 hours 30 minutes                                           $170.00 

4 hours 45 minutes                                           $175.00 

5 hours                                                            $180.00 

5 hour 15 minutes                                            $185.00 

5 hours 30 minutes                                           $190.00 

5 hours 45 minutes                                           $195.00 

Unlimited 6+ hours                                          $200.00 

Unlimited Plan -  Solo, duet, or trio tuition is $80 per month (per person.)

2019 - 2020 Registration Fee:

  •  $35 registration fee for first dancer, $15 for second dancer within the same family.

  • Any registration received September 1st - September 30th will be an additional $10.00.

  • Any registration after October 1st till October 14th will be $50.00 late fee.

  • NO registration will be accepted after October 14th. We DO NOT prorate tuition for dancers that register for classes mid-way through the month.

  • Competition dancers pay a $45 registration fee and must audition for placement in July. Competitive students must be registered for 2019-2020 by August 1st for early rehearsals and choreography planning. 9Registration fee and September tuition is due by August 1st.



Musical theatre enrollment requires enrollment in ballet, tap and Jazz.

  • Dancers that wish to reserve a solo or duet spot must take a core class in the same genre as their solo. for example, a dancer must take a tap class to have a tap solo.

  • Solo/duet/trio classes are a committment for the length the dance year from the date of registration. If a dancer withdraws from a time-slot, the year's tuition is due upon withdrawal. The time/day can not be switched once the slot has been reserved unless you are able to switch with another dancer, with teacher approval. 


* Pay your total tuition by October 1st and receive discounted Idols Dance Company apparel. (Sweatshirt,       jacket, etc.) More information regarding this offer will be sent home in September/October.

* Costume and recital fees will be billed when they are due throughout the year.

* No refunds are provided UNLESS the studio cancels a class for the year.



Each year we offer two fundraisers to help defray the cost of tuition, costumes or any other studio charges. The first fundraiser takes place before Christmas and the second fundraiser is in the spring. Participation is optional.​

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